Réseau EUTD

Zoran, Search Development Manager chez Rakuten France nous présente son équipe, ses missions et objectifs.

Can you present your team, its role and organisation ?

We are a Big Data team, and we are in charge of development and operation of the big data systems – including search, recommendation, and analytics – for the whole Rakuten Group.

Our team has 10 members, including software developers, system administrators, and data scientists.

We are a part of Rakuten’s Big Data Department, which has over 150 members, and offices in Japan and US, in addition to France.

With which teams are you working for ?

As part of Rakuten’s Big Data Department, we closely collaborate, on a daily basis, with our colleagues in Japan and US.

Our customers are the teams within Rakuten France and the whole Rakuten Group that use big data systems.

Because big data systems – including search, recommendation, and analytics – are used by most of the businesses of the Rakuten Group, we have the opportunity to work with many teams across Rakuten Group, all over the world.

Can you explain us what skills people need for your job ?

We have three types of positions in our team – software developer, system administrator, and data scientist.

In addition to the skills generally needed for these positions, we expect the candidates to have practical, hands-on experience in developing or operating production-level software for large scale systems handling huge amounts of data.

Also, communication skills and flexibility are very important, due to the close collaboration with our colleagues abroad, in Japan and US.

Needless to say, commitment to customer satisfaction, and a strong desire to create highest-quality services are necessary.

Do you have important projects to come ?

We have several important projects in this year.

They include launching search and recommendation systems for the new e-commerce platforms of Rakuten Group companies in several European countries, as well as replacing the search system for the biggest e-commerce platform within Rakuten Group, in Japan.

Best Moment(s) for you ?

Best moments are when a service using our big data systems is launched, and we see that our work contributes to the business of the Rakuten Group, and makes the customers all over the world happy.